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Shakes & Shingles

Traditionally made 12” or 15” Oak Shakes a.k.a Cleft Oak Shingles

We manufacture Cleft Oak Shakes using traditional tools and techniques.

Shakes are wooden roof tiles or shingles that are split along the grain rather than sawn. The underside can be dressed to help the shake lie flatter on the roof but the exposed upper side is left cleft, leaving more of the fibres intact and increasesing water run off.

We recommend a minimum pitch of 30 degrees. Our standard shakes are random width 4” with an average length of 15”. They are priced at £65 per square metre based on a 6” batten spacing. For a longer lasting, low pitch or just more waterproofing in poor weather conditions or exposed locations a 5” batten spacing is recommended bearing in mind 20% more shakes will be required to cover the same area. Oak shakes will fade and grey within 6 to 18 months from installation.

It is not advised to treat Oak shakes since they are naturally durable. Shakes on Church steeples have been known to last 90 years before requiring replacement, life time will be dependant on the environment and the pitch of the roof.

I made some Oak Shakes for the Oxford Arboretum Craft Shelter, a writeup provided by Ken Hume on the Oxfordshire Woodlands Group forum can be seen here showing Brian Williamson and Ruth Goodfellow fixing them to the roof. Note this is the standard overlap for an outbuilding using 15” shingles.

15"Oak Shakes / Cleft Oak Shingles

Lych Gate at St Lawrence's Church Merton London UK